About the New Mexico Chapter of ACEP

New Mexico ACEP is the local chapter of national ACEP, the American College of Emergency Physicians. New Mexico ACEP exists to support its members through educational and leadership activities, foster and promote the practice of quality emergency medicine, and serve as an advocate for public health and the rights of patients to receive quality emergency care within the state of New Mexico.

Founded in 1975, the chapter actively represents more than 240 emergency physicians, residents and medical students working at hospitals throughout New Mexico. New Mexico ACEP is a diverse and democratic organization that promotes and preserves the integrity and independence of emergency medicine.

We are actively involved in a wide range of issues that matter to emergency physicians and our patients, including emergency medical services, public health and safety, and disaster preparedness and response. As a member of New Mexico ACEP, you are making sure your voice is heard by state lawmakers. You are also learning about issues that affect you and your patients. Ultimately, you are contributing to the advancement of your specialty.

The Board of Directors has identified values that serve as the guiding principles for the specialty of emergency medicine. These values, and the objectives that follow, are the foundation of ACEP’s planning processes, as well as council and board actions.

The values of the College are:

  • Quality emergency care is a fundamental right and unobstructed access to emergency services should be available to all patients who perceive the need for emergency services.
  • There is a body of knowledge unique to emergency medicine that requires continuing refinement and development.
  • Physicians entering the practice of emergency medicine should be residency trained in emergency medicine.
  • Quality emergency medicine is best practiced by qualified, credentialed emergency physicians.
  • The best interests of patients are served when emergency physicians practice in a fair, equitable, and supportive environment.
  • Emergency physicians have the responsibility to play the lead roles in the definition, management, evaluation, and improvement of quality emergency care.

Our mission includes:

  • To be the voice of emergency medicine in the state of New Mexico
  • To increase respect in the house of medicine by providing leadership at the local, state and national levels
  • To respond to the practice needs of our members through education, information and advocacy
  • To provide a forum for social interaction and networking with other emergency physicians from around the state

President: Scott Mueller, MD, FACEP
President Elect:  Aaron Snyder, MD, FACEP
Secretary: Carlene Schleisman, MD, FACEP 
Treasurer: Matthew Gunderson, MD, FAAP, FACEP
Immediate Past President: Tony Salazar, MD, FACEP

Board at Large:
Margaret Greenwood, MD, FACEP
Andrew Bivin, MD, FACEP 

Executive Director:
Jennifer Valenti